LWT Community Special Event:

Are You Promotable?
Increase your personal "Promotability Index"
with Amii Barnard-Bahn 


Time & Location

Wednesday, Sept 29th, 2021


Time: 4:00 - 5:30 pm PDT / 7:00 - 8:00 pm EDT 

Fee: free

Reserved for WILpower members and Alumnae

About the Event

Are you working hard and doing everything “right,” but still not getting promoted?  
Do you struggle to articulate to your team how they need to “level-up” to be promotable?
If so, then this session is for you!

The LWT events team invites the full LWT community plus guests to take your careers to the next level at our Promotability Index® masterclass on Thursday September 29th at 4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern.

The Promotability Index is a free career self-assessment tool our speaker Amii Barnard Bahn created to help professionals see where they stack up against the 5 key elements that make the difference between being promoted and passed over. Whether you are an executive looking to maximize your effectiveness, mid-career, or entering your peak potential, Amii’s new tool will help you evolve as a professional and stand out from the rest. 


This event is reserved to LWT WILpower participants and alumnae. Registration is required


Amii is a former global Fortune 50 legal and HR executive at McKesson and Allianz, and now an executive coach who specializes in helping executives accelerate career growth by cultivating self-awareness and a deeper understanding of how they are impacting their markets.  Amii will answer questions about your high and low scores, and give you practical tips on how to leverage your most effective skills, and strengthen any areas of weakness.

You’ll get more out of the class if you take a few minutes to complete the Promotability Index before September 29th (get it here) to show you where you are in the three levels of promotability. Either way, though, you will learn a lot about your own personal Promotability Index score from Amii at this event!

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