LWT Board


Sue Bunnell


President, LWT Board Co-Chair

Senior Company Counsel, Wells Fargo

I’m thrilled to be leading the dynamic LWT Board of Directors. I see LWT as a community that encourages and inspires women to see the potential in themselves and then, through the WILpower program, arms them with practical tools to turn possibility into reality. WILpower certainly worked for me!  My journey from participant to volunteer to Board member to President fills me with pride at what women can absolutely do to make a difference in each other’s lives, and how together we can change how women work.


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Yojna Verma Photo

Yojna Verma


Treasurer, LWT Board

Associate Director, Constellation Advisers, LLC

I was referred to LWT by a long-time member and supporter of LWT - founder and CEO of A2Q2 Corporation, Kim Le. LWT provides opportunities for professional women to network and gain priceless resources to advance their careers. As a professional woman, I believe I have a responsibility to promote a culture that encourages women to thrive in their professional roles. Being a part of LWT’s board places me in a unique position where I can encourage women’s empowerment both professionally and personally.



Natasha Allen


Co-Director of WILpower Program, LWT Board Co-Chair

Partner, Foley & Lardner LLP


LWT has meant different things for me at different times in my career. Initially, LWT was a means to understanding what opportunities were available and develop a professional network after moving to the Bay Area from Canada. Now, it's an opportunity for me to give back and help others as they navigate their unique journeys. I joined the WILpower program in 2013, after an introduction to the program by my husband’s colleagues. WILpower gave me the opportunity and tools to plot out my career trajectory. The unexpected side effect was that I also met phenomenal people along the way. I continue to be involved with LWT because this program delivers a very important message. Regardless of the stage you are in your career, self-reflection is the only way to pursue your desired career path. WILpower shows participants that they have the “will” and “power” to succeed, in the myriad of ways we each define success.




Meghan O. Brosnahan


Co-Director of Events and Volunteers, LWT Board

Sr. Manager, Records & Information Governance, Genentech


It is my pleasure to be part of this incredible network of women committed to investing in themselves and each other. As a member of the Board of Leading Women in Technology and attending the WILpower program I get the gift of time and space to think carefully and differently about my professional goals.  When I was asked to join the LWT board it gave me a chance to not only continue learning from the network of women I'd built in WILpower, but to give back to the women coming up behind me. I find myself using the lessons I learn through LWT with my team, with my leaders, and with friends and colleagues almost daily. This is a valuable program and I am fortunate to be part of making it available to the women who are challenging themselves to examine and embrace their professional goals. In my daily work life, I solve business problems and reduce risk.  I have a passion to learn new things, build and lead amazing teams, and look for connections to make the solution really work. Technology, emerging data trends, machine learning, and faster, better solutions fascinate me.  My time on the Board has helped me hone these skills and provides opportunities to meet women involved in work that helps me grow, all while giving back in a way that matters to me. 




Ksenia Takhistova


NYC Chapter Representative, LWT Board

Co-Chair, Director and Legal Counsel at CME Inc.

Ksenia is a scientist and engineer turned IP lawyer. An accomplished attorney advising clients on legal issues in intellectual property, technology, and data privacy, she uses her scientific expertise and legal experience to protect clients' valuable inventions and technological breakthroughs from theft, and to develop licensing frameworks for facilitating technology transfer, for both in-bound and out-bound licensing.


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Laura Mariño


Director of Product and Sponsorships, LWT Board

Chief Product Officer, TrueAccord


I was introduced to LWT via Hipower, an affiliate LWT program for women executives. Since joining the LWT Board, I have had the chance to refer multiple women to the WILpower program and attend the sessions. I continue to be amazed at the magic that happens when you bring together a group of smart, motivated women in a supportive environment, and give them the tools and the confidence to pursue their career goals. WILpower is a transformative program for participants. Being part of the Board and helping promote and expand this incredible program with the help of our generous sponsors has been an honor.




Allie Manov


Co-Director of Events and Volunteers, LWT Board

Attorney, Law Office of Lisa Gorecki

WILpower provided a safe space to critically consider my career—beyond that year's review cycle and beyond my then-current company.  The speakers were fantastic, but I learned the most from discussions with my fellow participants who were grappling with the same issues.  After the year was over, I stayed involved with WILpower and eventually joined LWT’s Board.  My WILpower experience was invaluable, and I hope to encourage others to get involved and embrace growth and change in their professional lives.



Natalie Fitzpatrick


Director of Rings, LWT Board

Senior Manager, Global Policy & Public Affairs (Emerging Markets), Pfizer Inc

A colleague referred me to LWT several years ago when I first moved to New York city. It was perfect timing. LWT gave me an opportunity to grow my professional network and develop my leadership skills, as I navigated a challenging new role 10,000 miles from home. After finishing the WILpower program, I stayed on as a Ring Leader to support women going through the program and haven’t looked back! The monthly workshops are fantastic—energizing and chocked full of practical tips and tools—but what really keeps me engaged are the amazing women that I get to meet each year through the Rings. Rings are designed to give WILpower women space to come together to discuss the lessons learned from the sessions, expand their networks and practice new skills in a safe place. Time and time again, graduates tell us that Rings were critical to their success in the program. I’m thrilled to be able to support this incredible program as member of the LWT Board.



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Michelle Eatherton

Michelle Eatherton


Seattle Chapter Representative, LWT Board

Head of Partner Programs, R3 

I heard about LWT as it was getting off the ground in Seattle through a mass email sent out to a women’s leadership interest group at my former employer (Amazon).  I was intrigued to be part of something that was in “build” mode and after participating in WILpower my first year, as well as taking on an immediate local leadership role to organize the Ring groups, I was hooked!  After encouraging many of my colleagues to check out the WILpower program year after year, we were able to bring Amazon on as a sponsor.  I have enjoyed watching cohorts of women go through the program each year and building relationships with so many of them that choose to stay involved long after the program ends.  The energy you get from investing in yourself is indescribable – I encourage everyone to take that time a few hours a month to learn, push yourself and ultimately to grow.  LWT and WILpower offers that opportunity and more!  I am excited to be part of the LWT Board and to continue our growth in Seattle.



Sarah Slayen


Palo Alto WILpower Cohort Lead

Associate General Counsel, Personal Capital

I joined WILpower in 2016 and have recommended the program to several friends over the years. In addition to phenomenal speakers who left me energized and ready to take on the world, I met an incredible group of supportive and accomplished women. I returned the following year as a Ring Leader to share my experiences with others and because I believe so strongly in the power of the relationships that LWT helps build.  I can't think of another program or group where I've found so many people willing to take concrete steps to help advance each others' careers - whether it's making an introduction or just lending an ear. I was honored to be invited to join the Board in 2019 and can't wait to see what LWT does next!

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Emma DaFoe


Secretary, LWT Board

Sr. Program Manager, Google Cloud

I was lucky to have been invited to join the 2019 WILpower cohort by Michelle Eatherton (former skip manager and current LWT Board member). From the first session, I knew that this organization was going to meet my need for a network that supported my own personal and career development, while allowing me to reciprocate and help lift up other women. Success is not a zero sum game - we succeed when we help others and that is truly reflected in my experience with LWT, as a WILpower cohort member, Seattle Ring Leader, regional co-lead, and now national Board member. The themes of support and advancement are woven throughout all levels and areas of LWT and it is such a pleasure to be on the board and serve this fabulous community of women.

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Joan Burns Brown

San Francisco WILpower Cohort Lead, LWT Board

Head of Commercial Legal, Asana

I was introduced to LWT by my friend and former opposing counsel, Sue Bunnell, the current President of the LWT Board. I had the privilege of participating in the WILpower program in 2017 and serving as a Ring leader for three years before joining the LWT Board. LWT has been instrumental in my career development by giving me a nurturing and supportive forum where I can take a step back from my work and family schedule and truly focus on the goals for my career and the tools that I need to hone to get to the next step. It has also given me access to a wonderful network of women and (new!) friends who have supported me on my journey and have served as a positive yet frank sounding board in my development. I have learned so many skills from our fantastic speakers that I put into practice in my career.  I am honored to serve on the board and give back to our amazing community of women.

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  • Sarah Slayen LinkedIn Link

Lisa Wong

IT Director, LWT Board

Senior Technical Leader

The WILpower program combines areas that are important to me as a leader: tools and encouragement to define your own career path and support to achieve your goals. I participated in WILpower when I ready to make a pivot in my career and the workshops were valuable for rejuvenating my approach. I continued as a volunteer on the tech side and as a mentor because I wanted to extend the experience after the program ended. As a woman in tech, it is important to me to give back, share my experiences at startups and enterprises, and to encourage other women. It is my privilege to join the LWT Board and contribute to this community dedicated to helping women succeed professionally and personally.