FREE Event for the LWT community:
Overcome Overwhelm – Thriving in Complexity

Time & Location

Tuesday,April 13th, 2021


Time: 4:00 - 5:00 pm PDT / 7:00 - 8:00 pm EDT

Fee: free

Reserved for WILpower members and Alumnae

About the Event

Overwhelm was normal before the pandemic came along and made the problem even worse. Technology and other productivity tools have only increased the pressure of an “always on” culture. Then add the uncertainty in the business environment…and it’s no wonder we end up feeling overwhelmed at work and at home.

In this session, LWT women will learn:  

  • How overwhelm differs from pressure, stress and burnout

  • Preventative strategies to keep overwhelm at bay

  • In-the-moment strategies to address overwhelm when it does happen

  • Innovation principles to apply in addressing overwhelm

  • How to debunk limiting beliefs that can lead to overwhelm

  • How to help others manage overwhelm

NOTE: Prior to the session, please complete this survey on Overwhelm at Work so our speaker can specifically address the issues the LWT community is facing.


This event is reserved to LWT WILpower participants and alumnae. To learn more about rediscovering how to thrive in our complex world, and overcome overwhelm, register via the Registration button below.


About the Speaker

Our speaker is the expert executive coach and Harvard Business Review author Rebecca Zucker of Next Step Partners.


Hope to have you join us, and for all of us to reduce our overwhelm!

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