WILpower 2021 Resume Event: Polish Your Resume


Time & Location

Date February 24th, 2021

Time: 4:00pm PST - 7:00pm EST 

Location: via Zoom (meeting info provided when you register)

Fee: free

WILPower 2021 participants, Ring Leaders, and LWT Board members

About the Event

We have a longer Resume workshop event in July 2021, but if you are job hunting now, you don’t need to wait!

Do you struggle to write persuasively about yourself, your successes, and your skills?
Then this session is for you!

Even if you aren't job shopping now, keep your resume updated, remind yourself (and others) of all the great work you do. Use it for:

  • Annual review? Check.

  • Elevator speech? Check.

  • Self-advocacy? Check.

Join our very own resume expert (and LWT President) Sue Bunnell for advice and instruction on how to Polish your Resume!


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