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Unlearn Being Your Worst Critic

Time & Location

Monday, April 20th, 2020

Location: Online

Time: 4:00 - 5:30 pm PDT

Fee: free

Reserved for LWT members

About the Event

Join the national WILpower community for the first part of this 3-part workshop on how to unlearn what holds you back, led by Micha Goebig and hosted by LWT Seattle for all WILpower cohorts.


We all have negative chatter in our head that can keep us from being at ease with ourselves and reaching our full potential. This inner critic usually does its best to keep us from taking our professional and/or personal development to the next level. But there’s good news: With the right tools and strategies, it's possible to tame the negative self-talk and even transform this voice from a major drag into an effective support system.

Part 1 of the series will show you what the inner critic is all about, how to separate yourself from the voice in your head, and which steps to take to change its messages. You will leave the workshop with an actionable list of suggestions and tools that allow you to make positive changes and further strengthen your confidence and courage.


Micha Goebig: Born and raised in Germany, Micha excels at supporting women in tech and other professionals who strive to level up and overcome what holds them back, tapping into their full potential both for their own and their company’s benefit. With Go Big Coaching, she helps her clients go big and live their most authentic life—by offering actionable tools and strategies as well as her signature straightforward approach. Having run her own successful corporate communications business for over 20 years, Micha has since established herself at the nexus of life and business coaching as she believes that companies can thrive best when their employees do too. Now a Seattle-based certified coach, speaker, and published author, Micha received her master’s degree from the University of Munich, trained with one of Germany’s leading executive coaches, and counts executives from various premium carmakers, renowned museums, and impactful foundations among her clients. 

This event is reserved to WILpower members. Details on the session will be sent via email to members.

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