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September, 2019 - LWT Newsletter 

President's Message – Hello LWT community and WILpower women – welcome back from summer to another few months of amazing WILpower programming and events!

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April, 2019 - LWT Newsletter 

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors:

The 2019 WILpower program is off to a fabulous start with over 250 highly engaged participants across our San Francisco, Palo Alto, Seattle, and New York locations. This is all possible thanks to our incredible set of sponsors who are investing in developing their promising women and also enabling LWT to keep the program affordable for others.

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June, 2019 - LWT Newsletter 

President's Message – Thank you to LWT’s Amazing Board of Directors

As most of you are aware, LWT is a non-profit organization and truly couldn’t happen without its dedicated volunteers – at workshops and events, to lead the Rings, and especially at the level of the Board of Directors.

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February, 2019 - LWT Newsletter 

President's Message:

I'm so excited to see another amazing year of WILpower kick off! Once again, we have rooms packed with smart and eager participants in four locations, ready to learn from the insights offered by our amazing speakers, as well as from the experience and perspectives of other WILpower women. LWT is truly a special community, and it is my pleasure to welcome you all into it.

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December, 2018 - LWT Newsletter 

We have reached capacity in San Francisco with our registered WILpower participants and the remaining women from our sponsors who have booked tickets, but are still going through the registration process. NY, Palo Alto and Seattle are still open, and taking applications!
We still have room in these three locations, but they are filling up fast.

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November, 2018 - LWT Newsletter 

What an honor to serve LWT as President, to work closely with the amazing Board and volunteers, and to serve our strong and vibrant community. As Thanksgiving approaches, I am truly grateful for all of you.

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October, 2018 - LWT Newsletter 



We're excited to see another successful WILpower year ending, and to announce that registration is open for WILpower 2019! We love hearing about the impact the program has had for so many participants, and look forward to seeing both current grads and alumnae at the graduation party in your area.

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September, 2018 - LWT Newsletter 



Imagine you're part of a network of amazing women. You've tried and tested your new impact statement, learned a multitude of ways to be amazing and honed your leadership skills. You've asked for that promotion and successfully negotiated the salary of your dreams.

This could be YOU!

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July, 2018 - LWT Newsletter 



Leadership Skill Spotlight: Negotiation Skills
The June WILpower session helped participants hone their negotiation skills and armed them with valuable skills and tips for their next salary negotiation or promotion ask. In these informative sessions, facilitated by Sue Bunnell, Kim Keating, and Kristi Royse, participants were coached to spot, and then quickly debunk, unfounded fears about the risks of negotiating.
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June, 2018 - LWT Newsletter 



Leadership Skill Spotlight: Leveraging Your Leadership Competencies

During our May WILpower workshops, participants gained insight into their own top leadership competencies and plan to develop them. Led by Heather Corcoran, Founder/Principal of Corcoran Leadership and Rebecca Zucker, Partner at Next Step Partners, the groups participated in enlightening and informative partner sharing and group exercises.
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May, 2018 - LWT Newsletter 



Leadership Skill Spotlight: Projecting Credibility and Confidence 


Credibility. Leadership presence. Personal power. We know these qualities when we see them, but what are the cues that lead us to these impressions?

Using the criteria laid out in Cara Hale Alter's book, The Credibility Code, our April WILpower speakers emphasized the power of the “sub-textual” conversation and identified specific “codes of conduct” behaviors that enhance your credibility as a leader. Subject matter experts Sasha Cox and Brenne Rimberg of Speech Skills and Kore Koubourlis of The Essential Group led the Projecting Creditibily and Confidence WILpower sessions. Read on for details...



April, 2018 - LWT Newsletter 



Leadership Skill Spotlight: You Are the Product


Our March WILpower sessions featured Joanna Bloor, founder of The Amplify Lab. Through this interactive and action-packed session, Joanna helped us recognize that we are the product, the value of a well-crafted impact statement, and the power of creating connections on an emotional level.  Learning to artfully articulate your unique impact statement is critical to ensure that decisions made about the trajectory of your career align with your goals. Read on for details...



March, 2018 - LWT Newsletter 



President's Message

I'm so excited that another year of WILpower has kicked off!  Once again, we have wonderful groups of eager and talented participants in all four locations, ready to learn from the perspectives and insights offered by our amazing speakers, as well as from their conversations with each other.

LWT is a special community, and it is such a pleasure to welcome you all into it. Read on for details...


December, 2017 - LWT Newsletter 

President's Message


Happy Holidays, and on to 2018!

2017 was a year of growth for LWT, including our introduction of a new logo (thank you Big Design!) and website (thank you All Fantastic!).  We like to say that LWT and WILpower get better every year, and we expect that to hold true in 2018.  Many thanks to all of the speakers, sponsors, Ring Leaders and volunteers who made it all happen - it's not possible without you!  Read on for details...



November, 2017 - LWT Newsletter 



Change is the new normal. Whether it is a new technology, client, merger, boss, or a new level of responsibility, your career path will continue to evolve every day. There is always an opportunity to do things differently and (hopefully) better – endless possibilities to evolve as fast as the world around you. How will you succeed when at least 25% of your job isn’t in your job description?  Read on for details...



October, 2017 - LWT Newsletter 



President's Message: Karen Williams, President, LWT Board

I'm so excited to share the news that LWT has a new website as well as a new logo! You can now find us at (please bookmark this new URL). Read on for details...



August, 2017 - LWT Newsletter 



Welcome back from your summer WILpower break. We're excited to kick off the fall WILpower sessions and see all of you again! WILpower workshops begin in Sept. LWT delighted to show off our new logo and announce some exciting new workshops. Read on for details...