SEATTLE - 2022 

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  • Monthly workshops are held at 7:45 am PT – 10 am PT. Special events timing explained *below. ​

  • 2022 Location for workshops: Virtual

LWT WILpower 2022 Workshops


February 25, 2022 - Welcome & WILpower Networking: Get an overview of the 2022 WILpower program, learn about WILpower Rings, and meet your fellow participants!  You will also learn more about the concept of leveraging the four stages of psychological safety to to get comfortable with your new cohort and feel confident enough to challenge the status quo as we seek to kick off another fabulous year of WILpower.

  • Speaker:

    • Michelle Eatherton, SEA Chapter: Co-Chair, Core Leadership Team, Rings Program Chair and 2018 Ring Leader, LWT; Head of Global Partner Programs, R3

    • Libby Macomber, President, Celimi, Inc.

*Evening Event - Mar 16, 2022 - Resume Bootcamp: If you are job hunting or just generally struggle to write about yourself, your successes and your skills the event is for you. Even if you are not job shopping now, this is a great way to get ready for your annual review, elevator speech, and self-advocacy in general. 

  • Speaker

    • Sue Bunnell, President, Board Co-Chair, LWT Board; SVP & Managing Counsel, Wells Fargo

March 18, 2022 - Plan to Be Amazing: Get ready to experience a seismic shift in the way you think about yourself and your ability to worl, lead and grow during this energizing, insightful, and interactive session that will (literally) have you on your feet.

  • Speaker:

April 8, 2022 - Projecting Confidence and Credibility: Invariably a conversation on confidence and credibility leads to questions about our inner critic. When we can notice and catch our inner critic in the act, then we can halt it from overshadowing our confidence and show up with credibility. So together let’s meet our inner critic head on. Let’s invite them to the table and examine the potluck of self-beliefs that have a hold on us.

  • Speaker:

    • Hien DeYoung, Founder, DeYoung Executive Coaching & Consultancy, LLC

*Evening Event - TBD - Authenticity & Self-promotion: Hear accomplished trial lawyer and personal speaker Sara Williams address the critical issue of finding and using your authentic voice and seeking out professional settings that permit you to be your best self. 

  • Speaker:

    • Sara Williams, Partner, Alexander Shunnarah law firm

*Evening Event - May 4, 2022 - Storytelling: Every LWT woman has a story to share – but some of us still freeze when asked “tell me about yourself,” or when interviewing, speaking with senior leadership, or in other high-stakes moments. If you struggle to tap into your experiences to tell meaningful and impactful stories to achieve your goals, this even is for you.

  • Speaker:

    • Katherine Kennedy ​

May 13, 2022 - Future You: “Every decision about you and your opportunities is made in a room you’re not in,” by leaders using their perceptions of your potential. Joanna will share how and why you need to be thinking and talking about your “Future You” so you can help decide the results of those important decisions.

  • Speaker:

    • Joanna Bloor, Founder and CEO, The Amplify Lab

June 10, 2022 - Negotiating Your Career:  Negotiators face common challenges, of how to position their requests, when to ask, and how to come back and negotiate after initial rejection. Hear practical tips grounded in social science research to give you the knowledge, pragmatic approaches, and ultimately the confidence to ask for what you need and maximize your results.

  • Speaker:

    • Sue Bunnell, President, Co-Chair, LWT Board; SVP & Managing Counsel, Wells Fargo


*Evening Event - July 13, 2022 - Interviewing Workshop: If you’ve ever mumbled, fumbled, or stumbled your way through an interview for a promotion or external role, this is a great event for you. We’ve got a jam-packed agenda: first, we’ll hear from an Executive Panel with an experienced recruiter and senior leaders willing to share the best and worst they’ve seen, and then we’ll have a section on practical approaches to prepare, reduce nerves, and do your personal best at your interviews. We’ll also distribute some worksheets at the event you can use to get ready.


  • Speaker:

Sue Bunnell, President, Board Co-Chair, LWT Board; SVP & Managing Counsel, Wells Fargo

July 22, 2022 - Stop Beating Yourself Up – Managing Your Overwhelm: It’s not your fault that you feel so stretched.  There are real systemic reasons that keep you trapped in unsustainable realities.  Join us for this inspiring, interactive session so you can take steps towards your personal liberation out of overwhelm, burnout and self-sacrifice.

  • Speaker:

    • Christine Arylo, Feminine Leadership Advisor, Consultant, and three-time Best Selling Author​

*Evening Event - August 4 2022 - Mid-Year Power Pause: Re-flect. Re-set. Re-focus: One of the wisest things we can do mid-year is to pause, reflect, realign, and redesign what we choose to focus our life force, resources, and time on - in all parts of our lives. Professionally in our work lives – business, team, organization, career, classroom, etc. And personally in our relationships, health, finances and home. The Power Pause is a 3-part process that make you feel good about what you have accomplished so far, give you insight on what to focus on the remaining five months of 2022, and provide clarity on what you can re-design, release or reflow. You’ll create a path to sustainable success in which you both achieve what matters and receive the support and space you need.

  • Speaker:

    • Christine Arylo, MBA, Conscious Leadership Advisor, Consultant, and best-selling author of Overwhelmed and Over It

August 19, 2022 - Practical High Impact Communications: An important aspect of coaching for better performance is aimed at communication. This includes improving the dynamics and effectiveness in meetings as well as helping individuals be clearer and more concise in their delivery of ideas and feedback. During this session we’ll explore powerful tools to help us better understand clarity in communication so that we can respond thoughtfully in difficult situations.

September 16, 2022 - Champions of Change: Change is the new normal, and has been even faster paced during the pandemic. Take a look back on the year, and explore the skills and approaches needed to championing change, addressing challenges, and overcoming obstacles to become a Champion of Change.

October TBD, 2022 - Graduation Party: Celebrate the priceless investment you’ve made in yourself this year as well as the new connections you’ve made through the WILpower program.

  • Location:

    • TBD

*Special Events: In addition to the nine monthly workshops, WILpower 2022 participants are also invited to special evening events to bring together all four 2022 WILpower program cohorts, as well as the LWT community. Evening events typically held at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern. Additional special events will be added throughout the 2022 WILpower year.

Unforeseen circumstances may require a change in program details or schedule.  We will provide notice as far in advance as possible if such a change becomes necessary.