WILPower 2018 Registration Open Now

WILpower, LWT’s signature program, is a year-long leadership development and networking program for women, offered in four locations: New York, Palo Alto, San Francisco and Seattle. WILpower participants boost their knowledge and skills through a series of nine monthly, thoughtfully-paced interactive workshops with expert speakers and coaches, as well as through regular networking and discussion groups that reinforce the powerful messages heard in the workshops.

WILpower participants learn how to effectively highlight their expertise in their day-to- day jobs as well as promote their excellence and gain greater visibility using intangible leadership skills. WILpower helps women build their leadership “toolbox” to:

  • Understand how to ensure their ideas and achievements are recognized and appreciated

  • Develop ideas about their career path and articulate a vision for their future

  • Boost their network of like-minded, high-achieving business professionals

  • Develop and strengthen their business and leadership skills

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