President's Message: Karen Williams, President, LWT Board

President's Message: Karen Williams, President, LWT Board

I'm so excited to share the news that LWT has a new website as well as a new logo! You can now find us at (please bookmark this new URL).

Why a new logo and website? We found that focusing on "LWT" as the key brand identifier rather than "Leading Women in Technology" ensures our flagship WILpower program appeals to a broader range of women in different fields. I've had conversations with so many women who comment that: "The program sounds fantastic...but I don't do technology" –then don’t follow up or join us to hear our amazing content.Really frustrating! Alumna know that the issues we address impact women in all fields, not just technology. We have seen the benefits of cross-pollination of perspectives, insights and networking opportunities. We believe that by expanding the brand to be more affirmatively inclusive, more women will experience these benefits and experience greater professional success in all fields. We also think the new logo and new website better reflect the dynamism, energy and community of this organization. The colors are vibrant, and the circle continues to represent the network of supportive women reflected in both the Rings and the program as a whole. A huge shout-out and thank you to both BIG Design ( for their work on the new logo and All Fantastic ( for the collaboration and extensive effort to create the new website.

On other fronts - it's hard to believe that 2017 will be coming to a close in a few months. We think the WILpower program gets better every year, and the same is true for 2018. Registration is now open for the 2018 sessions in San Francisco, Palo Alto, NYC and Seattle! As always our main marketing is done by those who have participated in the program, know its value and impact, and want to share the experience with others. Please share the website link with anyone you know who might be interested, as well as information about our upcoming Speed Mentoring events in San Francisco and Palo Alto (more info below). We'll also be reaching out to you to ask for volunteer Ring Leaders for 2018, as well as help on other efforts.

Looking forward to seeing you at future LWT events!

Karen Williams

President, LWT

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