Leveraging Your Leadership Competencies

WILpower's September Focus: Leveraging Your Leadership Competencies Facilitators Heather Corcoran and Rebecca Zucker of Next Step Partners led our September WILpower workshops in all four locations. They spoke about the 21 different leadership competencies studied at length by the well-respected Center for Creative Leadership, and guided us through numerous interactive exercises to help us better understand where we have enormous competency, and then also where we can improve our own personal leadership skills and style. Heather and Rebecca emphasized that this focus is not just about management of direct reports. This is a focus on leading successfully in every context: with direct reports, colleagues and peers, and even up the management chain. Each participant examined her own contextual challenges for leadership in depth, both personal and organizational. Participants picked meaningful images from the hundreds of photo cards available to represent both our current state of leadership, as well as our desired future state. We identified the collective leadership strengths and weaknesses in the room, and by a show of hands identified where we have potential cross-training possibilities right in the room! We discussed competencies that are viewed as male vs. female and risks of that framing in both directions. Then we put in place specific plans and tasks (with accountability partners!) to develop those competencies in the coming weeks.

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