Leadership Skill Spotlight: Leading Change & Becoming a Change Agent

Our November WILpower workshops, led by Denise Brosseau (on the left in above picture), CEO, Thought Leadership Lab (PA & SF) and Mona Sabet (on the right in above picture), Founder, Tribal Advisors (SEA & NY), addressed the skills we need in order to be an effective change agent, craft a compelling vision, and cultivate advocates. Change is the new normal. Whether it is a new technology, client, merger, boss, or a new level of responsibility, your ability to thrive throughout the change is critical. There is always an opportunity to do things differently and (hopefully) better – endless possibilities to evolve as fast as the world around you. You will succeed by becoming a change agent who can develop and set a vision and leverage your personal brand to influence people to adopt a new direction. When you can communicate effectively, lead with purpose and strategically network, you will find success and satisfaction in your career and personal life. Key Takeaways:

  • Don't Stop Being Curious! - Studies show a 7-year-old girl asks the most questions. Channel your 7-year-old self and ask away.

  • The "Vision Thing" - It's commonly believed that women suffer from an inability to accurately evaluate their leadership abilities - especially in the area around visioning. Read Harvard professor, Herminina Ibarra's take on this bias.

  • 3 Critical Skills - In order to be successful change agents, we need to be skilled at Execution, Relationships and Vision.

  • Dancing = Leadership? - You may have seen the "First Followers" video on you tube, which illustrates leadership and the spark the first follower contributes to a movement. Watch this TED Talk clip by Derek Stivers where he breaks down the leadership lessons from the video.

  • Small Change Matters - Change doesn't always come in giant, sweeping steps. Tiny steps called "micro goals" by Stanford Business School Professor, Jennifer Aaker, can more effectively engage others and don't seem as disconcerting. Added bonus - more to 'wins' to celebrate with your team - which is another tip from our experts.

  • Read Up - Books like "Switch" by Chip and Dan Heath and "Ready to be a Thought Leader" by Denise Brosseau can be valuable tools toward building your change agent street cred.

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