Leadership Skill Spotlight: Building Your Leadership Brand

What is your Plan to Be Amazing™? For those of you who attended the February WILpower session, we are sure you left the session with Carol Isozaki more energized, motivated and ready to build the skills that will advance your career. What are you going to do differently, starting today? Do you have your Target Hands™ up? After the February session with Carol, we hope you take some time to complete the assignment and begin to put what you learned in the February session into action today. Come to the March workshop prepared to share how your personal PTBA™ made an impact. Key Takeaways:

- Always have your Target Hands™ at the ready (pictured above) – be sure that senior leaders looking to promote or assign see recognize you are prepared to take the ball, and run with it!

- You never know where your best feedback to drive change will come from – go find out what your markets think of you, and if you are their “preferred” service provider.

- You are expected to contribute in every interaction and meeting…don’t give yourself a pass to “just” show up

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