Cultivating Credibility and Confidence

Credibility. Leadership presence. Personal power. We know these qualities when we see them, but what are the cues that lead us to these impressions? In their signature presentation, Sasha Cox and Brenne Rimberg of SpeechSkills and Kore Koubourlis of The Essential Group deconstruct what it takes to carry yourself like a leader. Using the criteria laid out in Cara Hale Alter's book, The Credibility Code, these skills presenters emphasize the power of the “sub-textual” conversation and identify the specific “codes of conduct”—for posture, gestures, vocal skills, eye contact, and more—that influence the perception of credibility. Individually, these behaviors are easy to implement; together they form a skill set that can transform your career.

During this session, WILpower participants will discover how to:

  • - Cultivate personal presence

  • - Recognize/Prevent the “tells” of nervousness and intimidation

  • - Strike a balance between authority and approachability

  • - Demonstrate composure under pressure

  • - Avoid unintentional behaviors that may lower your credibility

Interesting in learning more? Read SpeechSkills blog and The Essential Group blog.

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