Leadership Skill Spotlight: You Are the Product

Our March WILpower sessions featured Joanna Bloor, founder of The Amplify Lab. Through this interactive and action-packed session, Joanna helped us recognize that we are the product, the value of a well-crafted impact statement, and the power of creating connections on an emotional level. Learning to artfully articulate your unique impact statement is critical to ensure that decisions made about the trajectory of your career align with your goals. Key Takeaways -

  • - You are More than a Bunch of Features - Without an impact statement, we usually talk about our selves as a collection of features. Impact statements enable us to boldly talk about what we are known for—or as Joanna calls it, "articulating your awesome".

  • - Connection is Everything - As humans, we're wired for connection. It's that human connection that makes everything happen. Your impact statement helps make those emotional connections.

  • - In the Room Where it Happens - Every decision made about you and your opportunities is made in a room you're not in. Arm your advocates with the words you want to be known for. If you can't say it outloud, people can't share it.

  • - Welcome to the Gig Economy - We're moving from the Industry to the Gig Economy. Crafting and practicing your impact statement so you can deliver it boldly—as you transition from engagement to engagement (or project team to project team)—has never been more important.

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