Leadership Skill Spotlight: Leverage Your Leadership Competencies

During our May WILpower workshops, participants gained insight into their own top leadership competencies and plan to develop them. Led by Heather Corcoran, Founder/Principal of Corcoran Leadership and Rebecca Zucker, Partner at Next Step Partners, the groups participated in enlightening and informative partner sharing and group exercises. Leadership Vision Exercise: Our first exercise leveraged the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Visual Explorer cards. Each participant was invited to browse the selection of photo cards laid around the room, and select two images: one representing the leader they are today and; one for the leader they aspire to be. Each participant shared with a partner the images and the connections between the images they selected (or did the image select us?). It was amazing to experience how these intriguing images sparked conversation and fostered deeper thinking around our leadership realities and vision! Leadership Gap Exercise: For this exercise, participants were given three green sticky dots (representing leadership competencies), and one red dot (representing a leadership gap). Participants were invited to review a list of twenty leadership competencies— identified by CCL's Benchmarks tool—and select their top three leadership strengths and one leadership gap. Each participant shared their top three leadership competencies and gap by placing their sticky dots on the Leadership Skills chart. It was interesting that many in the room had similar strengths and gaps. Are our leadership gaps surmountable? Yes they are! We were encouraged to find a WILpower classmate or mentor who is proficient in one of our gap skills. Treat them to coffee and pick their brain. Discover how they view the leadership skill and explore how they became proficient at it. Our leadership development is up to each of us. The question is, what's your leadership development plan? Learn more about leadership development by visiting Corcoran Leadership and Next Step Partners. Learn more about the Center for Creative Leadership by visiting their website.

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