Summer Reading List

While you're out enjoying the longer days of summer and perhaps taking time to consider the second half of the year, why not pick up of few of these titles to fuel some new thinking. Many of these titles are recommended by our WILpower speakers, and one is written by Denise Brosseau, our October WILpower speaker.

  • Ready to be a Thought Leader?by Denise Brosseau (Oct. WILpower speaker!)

  • When: The scientific secrets to perfect timing, by Daniel Pink

  • Powerful: Building a culture of freedom and responsibility, by Patty McCord (former Netflix chief)

  • A good time to be a girl: Don't lean in, change the system, by Helena Morrissey

  • Designing Your Life: How to build a well-lived, joyful life, by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans

  • The CEO Next Door: The 4 behaviors that transform ordinary people into world-class leaders, by Elena L. Botehlho and Kim R. Powell

  • New Power: How power works in our hyperconnected world - and how to make it work for you, by Jeremey Heimans and Henry Timms

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