Leadership Skill Spotlight: Practical Emotional Intelligence & High Impact Communications

Founder and CEO of Onno Koelman Consulting, Onno Koelman, led our September WILpower workshops in San Francisco, Seattle and Palo Alto. where he helped the group identify and fine tune their emotional intelligence leadership traits. 15 Emotional Intelligence skills which can be grouped into 5 major competencies – self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal, decision making and stress tolerance.

Patty Staco, founder of Unleash your Bold, led our September WILpower workshop in NYC, covering the 'High Impact Communications' topic where she identified 3 traits that women can embrace more to encourage more impactful communication: 1) seizing the moment 2) releasing negative feedback and 3) letting go of what others think. Exercises of communication from your spot at the conference table to your role at home helped the NYC class to hone their communication skills and remember to be present in the situations to turn on/off from different roles naturally. During the session, Onno introduced the DTER Tool. By breaking down a situation into 4 components, it becomes easier to to understand where the emotional energy is coming from:

  • Data – what objectively happened

  • Thought – what judgments or ideas I had about the other person or what happened

  • Emotion – what I felt as I was thinking those thoughts

  • Reaction/Response – what my emotion compelled me to do (or – how I chose to respond)

Taking the EQI2.0 Assessment For those of you hungry for more and who are interested in taking the EQI2.0 assessment to measure & improve your EQ, please email Onno.

Stay in touch with our Speakers Connect with Onno and Patty on LinkedIn (please mention you are with LWT).

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