April Speakers: Projecting Credibility and Confidence

Our April WILpower sessions feature Sasha Cox and Brenne Rimberg from SpeechSkills, and Kore Koubourlis from The Essential Group. They are speaking on the practical skills we can learn to crack the confidence code and project authority and confidence.

Key Points:

  • Visually Aligned – stand erect, eliminate awkward gestures, and make appropriate eye contact to ensure your message and impact aren’t lost in a distracting presentation style.

  • Use Your Voice – use volume, articulation, and dynamics to underscore the points you are making make them even more impactful.

  • Um, Er, Well…..No! – eliminate fillers, up-speak, and tics that detract from the strength of your words. The goal is a communication style that allows the message itself to take center stage!

  • Practice, Practice – learning better habits requires practice and feedback. Find an accountability buddy who can help identify, and work with you to eliminate, your distractions.and Practice

Take these tips and make April – and beyond – your most confident ever!

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