How to Grow and Thrive Where You Are

Quitting? Resigning? Pulling the Ripcord?

You have been pondering the Great Resignation a lot - and making a change can be a great thing. Sometimes even change-for-change's-sake can keep things fresh/you challenged.

But . . . changing your organization also represents a decision on your part to make a *significant* investment of time and effort. All new people, all new systems, all new tech, all new processes, all new hierarchies (official and unofficial); all new EVERYTHING. Which thrills some, sure, but some of you are tired of all the new-ness. Or, just plain tired.

?ANOTHER WAY? Look at how to invest in your current org with potentially greater effect -- before bailing. Weigh the costs and give your present situation your very best to see if change is possible. You might just see your job with fresh eyes and learn to love your job by becoming increasingly aligned & embedded. Or, at least LIKE it a lot more... Tracy Brower, PhD's Forbes article spells it out for you!

It's a GREAT companion piece to the Amii Barnard-Bahn, JD event LWT had recently on the Promotability Index and how to level up and make yourself promotable.

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