Participants in WILpower boost their knowledge and skills learning from expert speakers and coaches through nine thoughtfully-paced, and interactive workshops. Small discussion groups led by WILpower alumnae  also reinforce the messages heard in the workshops. Regular networking and substantive events help WILpower women learn new skills, and connect with other participants and alumnae.


Topics include:​​​

  • Negotiate for Success

  • Effective Networking

  • Leading Change

  • Building Your Leadership Brand

  • Projecting Credibility and Confidence

  • Leveraging Your Leadership Competencies

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LWT offers WILpower programs and events in

San Francisco, Palo Alto, New York and Seattle.

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Who are our WILpower Participants?

In 2020, we had an average of 50-60 women participanting in each of our four locations. The WILpower program attracts a diverse group of women from a broad range of professions that includes lawyers, HR, finance, operations, engineering, technology, sales, and marketing.  The program targets women with over four years of professional experience, but the majority of participants have considerably more.

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A High Return on Investment


A comprehensive leadership development program such as WILpower is typically quite expensive. LWT’s goal is to make WILpower available to as many women as possible by offering the programming at a rate that equals a fraction of the standard cost. LWT can price our programming at a highly-discounted rate thanks to our all-volunteer Board and our speakers who generously reduce their engagement fees to support the LWT mission.  


Our experience is that women who join us and actively participate in the cohort sessions and events encounter incredible value in the WILpower program and the LWT mission. Participants often become LWT volunteers in subsequent years to help “pay it forward,” and empower other women to achieve their own leadership potential.  

Employers are often happy to sponsor your participation in WILpower. View a sample employer letter and customize for your situation.  


WILpower Rings

To reinforce the lessons learned in the WILpower sessions and apply the learnings to our professional lives, we also organize smaller and more informal discussion groups we call Rings. Rings are facilitated by WILpower alumnae who have experienced the impact of the WILpower program first-hand.


Participating in a Ring gives WILpower women a place to explore and dig deeper into the main ideas presented in the WILpower sessions, as well as the personalized strategies and tactics you will employ to put the lessons you learn into productive use. Rings provide another way to connect with and support other women in each cohort, share professional victories and challenges, and grow leadership skills. 


No two Rings are exactly alike, as each will reflect the personality of the women who join and their unique goals for joining WILpower. Even so, the goal for each Ring is to:


  • Connect with Ring partners and learn their WILpower stories

  • Speak candidly about current and stretch goals

  • Challenge each other to put into practice what the cohort has learned in the WILpower sessions