WILpower Virtual Masterclass Offer for all Locations:
NYC, Palo Alto, Seattle and San Francisco

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Time & Location

Oct 5, 10:00 AM PT/ 1:00 PM ET


Reserved to WILPower community from all locations.

About the Event


Brenne Hali Grossman (who hosted NY's WILpower workshop on Projecting Credibility & Confidence) is teaching a FREE live masterclass on Monday, October 5th at 10am PT/1pm ET called How to Articulate Yourself Clearly & Confidently When it Matters Most: 5 Game-Changing Strategies for Turning Pressure into Presence--Anytime, Anywhere.


On this webinar, Brenne will cover how to:
1. Dial down your nerves with science-backed tactics so you feel centered and in control
2. Avoid distracting mannerisms that can undercut your credibility
3. Signal the qualities you want others to see in you – without faking or forcing it
4. Organize your talking points (in advance or on the fly) in about half the time and still manage to double your impact
5. Engage the person or group you're speaking to in a way that's easy to follow and hard to forget


Brenne would love to help as many big-hearted go-getters as she can express themselves clearly and confidently when it matters most. From projecting credibility through a screen to engaging whoever you're speaking to with a clear, tailored message, she'll cover a ton of practical tips you can implement immediately. AND she'll answer any questions you might have about her virtual group coaching program: Presence Under Pressure.

All WILpower women of every cohort are welcome to register. Members will receive via email registration information. If you have not, please contact us via LinkedIn.

Have questions?  Please contact us.

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