WILpower Sample Letter

Here is a sample email template that some of our participants have successfully used as a base for communicating with their managers about the WILpower program.  Be sure to personalize and adjust this note to fit your situation!


[Insert greeting]

As you probably know, I’m continually seeking opportunities to improve myself both personally and professionally. A compelling opportunity to do so has crossed my path and I’m excited to tell you more about it!

The opportunity is a year-long leadership development program called WILpower, offered by the non-profit LWT organization, whose mission is the advancement of women in leadership.  (LWT stands for Leading Women in Technology for historical reasons, but the program has evolved to encompass women in all fields.)   The program – a series of nine core interactive workshops, facilitated by thought leaders in their fields -  is delivered over the course of a calendar year. The program also offers networking opportunities.  Overall the program is designed to provide women with knowledge, insights and skills to enhance their leadership profile, potential and impact.  

I’m very interested in participating in next year’s WILpower Program. As a member of your team I would appreciate your support. I wonder if you and [enter your company name] would be willing to invest in me by picking up the expense for the program.

I’m sure your next questions are - What will this take? How much does this cost?

My time commitment: The nine-session program runs from January to October (no session in August), and meets early on Friday mornings each month (with the exception of the July session, which is an evening event). This means there shouldn’t be an impact to my availability. [edit as needed]


For you, our team and [enter your company name here]: [If you think this would be required and/or persuasive and are willing to do this: I commit to keep you briefed on the program materials, new insights and practices I’ve learned through the WILpower program and alignment with my development plan.] I anticipate that my implemention of the new perspectives and skills I will develop will benefit our team [or:  organization] as well as furthering my own development. [add detail to highlight particular points that may be valuable to your team/organization if appropriate]


Cost: The program fee for the year is $[fill in the appropriate amount]. That breaks down to $x.xx per workshop session. When balanced against a leadership development conference (conference fees, travel expenses and time away from the office), the WILpower program is a fantastic value!


Can we grab a few minutes to discuss this request, so that I can provide you with more information about the program and answer any questions you may have?  The program registration due date is [___________– edit as needed] and I don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. [In the meantime, I have attached an information sheet that provides a further overview of the program.  Add the WILpower Overview if you think this would be helpful]

Thanks for your consideration.  I look forward to exploring this with you further.

[Insert name, etc]