We empower women to grow their networks, knowledge, and leadership skills for greater professional and personal impact.  

LWT offers WILpower programs and events in

San Francisco, Palo Alto, New York and Seattle.

"When I joined WILpower program, I was feeling stuck in my career and unsure how to advance to the next level. The WILpower program helped me realize the constant variable in all the "no's" I was getting was ME, and then gave me the tools to rewrite my story so I got the "yes" I wanted.  Through WILpower I met many other incredible women from various industries and forged a community of powerful women who supported each other and will do so long after we graduate. The WILpower Program gave me the skills I needed to get to the next level and do some intensive self-work to get past what was holding me back."

~ WILpower 2021 Participant